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What is Love Test? is an online test to calculate the compatibility of your potential life partner. Get clarity from an in-depth online test scoring your partner on important relationship criteria.

How does Love Test calculate it's results?

The mechanics of this test splits a relationship into 30 key components. These components are grouped into six main categories like Attraction, Communication, Personality, Values, Lifestyle and Experience. The user will be asked to first grade the level of importance between these areas and the components/criteria within. Then the user will score the person in mind on each of these critera, as well as stating how confident he/she feels about knowing this about the other person or their future relationship.

All this input is used to calculate a compatibility score and a confidence score displayed on the result page. Here the user will also find in-depth insights about weaknesses and strengths in the relationship, as well as where there is need to become more certain of how the other person really is.

What is the benefit of doing this test?

The primary value of this test is believed to be increased clarity, gained through the process itself by prioritizing criteria and answering profound questions about yourself and your partner. In addition, the result page will assist structuring all these thoughts and emotions, and display them back to you in an organized fashion - easing reflection.

What is the hatch behind all this?

Love Test does not contain any monetizing models and is built with the sole purpose of assisting emotional human beings on one of life's most important decisions.

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