Love Test: 6 areas you need to test

The 6 relationship areas you need to test — and why!

Author: Kjetil Grøsland
Feb 8 · 4 min read

No matter how long you have been with your partner, you are still learning who they are. It’s a constant, live process of exploration as you move forwards together. Which is one of the joys of being in a relationship!

Understanding the recipe for compatibility between life partners can seem daunting at first glance, but once we set emotions aside, the whole thing is really not that difficult anymore. It comes down to relationship preferences, and how well you and your partner match on each other’s. Knowing that not all preferences matters equally, the mathematics of your relationship can actually be worked out. And in this beautiful age of information, there are resources online that can help you with this, such as this life partner compatibility test.

But what parts of our relationships should we really be paying attention to in order for our relationship to healthily go the distance?

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Love Test: 6 areas you need to test

Here are the 6 foundation areas you need to consider in your relationship:

  1. Lifestyle
  2. Do you have an appreciation for how your other half wants to live? Can you see yourself happily sharing everyday life together? If you don’t, it doesn’t mean you aren’t compatible, but you may need to talk through how you will match up longer term.

  3. Attraction
  4. It’s not just about looks! The dizzy early days of dating can be exciting but not necessarily indicative of how you might feel later on. Attraction is something that can both be developed and reignited, so don’t panic if you’re any less attracted than you once were.

  5. Communication
  6. Simply put, your relationship cannot survive without clear communication. The easiest way to know if you’re communicating well? Consider how much you each really listen to one another. Arguments are not a death knoll for love — but not listening to each other’s viewpoints will be. Are you listening to one another regularly enough? What about the emotions, are they being communicated and given sufficient value?

  7. Personality
  8. Two people with completely different personalities can potentially go the distance together. But often the most compatible couples are those who share similar traits. It can mean they understand one another more and the blend of their characters will naturally support each other.

  9. Values
  10. The founding of a strong relationship is one where core values align. Sometimes, perhaps in the case of personal faith, there might be differences. If so, it’s vital that both parties respect and appreciate one another’s perspective.

  11. Experience
  12. Our experiences make up a large part of who we are. Do you have experiences in your life that your partner can relate to? If you can identify with your partner in the area of the lives you have both lived then this is a hugely positive sign. Contrasting experiences can help you grow together, as you learn about new experiences and learn to accept the chapters of your partner’s earlier life.

Take your relationship to the test!

Ok, so you now have got an overview of the six key areas of a solid partnership. Why not dig deeper into these, find out what is really important to you, and how well your partner matches your needs. Grab a glass of wine and go into reflection mode and get clarity on maybe the most important questions in your life. Amplify your understanding all the more by seeking the aide from this relationship compatibility test, ‘Love Test’. Test your compatibility by reflection on important relationship areas and ingredients

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Love Test: 6 areas you need to test

Our relationships are worth taking the time to care about. You deserve a relationship that is right for you, as we all do.

All relationships take time and effort to be successful. It’s healthy to take the time you need to work out what’s best for you. Your instincts are a strong indicator of how you’re really feeling, and your online test results will help to support your feelings. It may also make you ask yourself some questions that are vital, but haven’t yet gotten enough of your beautiful attention.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s start the test and start reflecting!